We are AI Enabled

Make use of our state of the art Generalized Discriminant Analysis (GDA) to dimensionally reduce attributes.

Say hello to our fraud coefficients: Alpha, Beta & Gamma

Easy interpretation of our reports using our state of the art coefficients.

Affordable & Independent Cyber-Technology

Audit marketing spends without conflict of interest.

Ad Fraud is Lucrative and Scalable, no wonder it is the second biggest organized crime

in the world.

Single eye view for selecting best traffic channels

  • Self learning platform with no hard coded filters to detect quality.

  • Identify best traffic sources for performance. 

  • Reward honest and performing partners. 

  • Blacklist fraudulent sub publisher IDs.

  • Visualize & Identify scripts/bots plaguing your campaigns.

  • Locate and highlight fraudster's location and network endorser.

  • Identify publisher's endorser if traffic is plagued with IP hoppers. 

  • Seamlessly build healthy vectors for your mobile assets.

It has never been this easy to visualize bot traffic

Get rid of over-exposed/plagued application versions

  • Visualize & Identify device farms/simulators across networks. 

  • Get the most out of available app version across supply chain. 

  • Disable and disengage with infected app versions. 

  • Data back your non payment terms with partners. 

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Com Olho is a leading cloud-based machine learning as a service platform. We make it easy for CXO's to understand their consumers using behaviour analytics, machine learning and data science. 

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