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Join Us on Our Mission

Home to innovators, challengers, and hard working team players! We are a group of exceptionally talented people who strive to make history every single day. If this sounds like you - be a part of us!

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Our Alum works at

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Our Teams are Build on 3 Core Principles

Integrity :

We hire for undying honesty and humans having high moral principals. We break through the opaque layers of digital fraud which is plaguing our society with organised intention.

Equanimity :

We hire humans that hold their ground in difficult situations. We strive for calmness and composure when things don't go the way they should have.

Grit :

We hire for the strength of character. We hire humans that build a positive motivation to achieve an objective.


We celebrate diversity and are committed to building a culture where everyone - irrespective of who you are, where you come from, and what you do - is recognised for their contributions and efforts.

We take pride in every one of our employees and are extremely proud of having built a community that supports, encourages and cheers each other on.

We believe cyber security for data teams around the globe is going to become a top-priority for digital enterprises. 

Let's work together

(Founder at Com Olho)

alum comolho

A home to one and all

Come Work With Us

Level up your Career with Com Olho

Whether you are a domain expert, an industry veteran, or a young intern with dreams a galore, there’s a definitely place for everyone here.

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