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Experience India's First

Patented Ad Fraud Detection Technology

Deterministic Detection of Programmatic Attribution Manipulation & Brand Safety 


Real Time Detection

Experience SaaS based cyber security product for advertisers. Each conversion is studied on aggregated basis to understand if traffic attributes for manipulated for financial gains. 

Cyber Technology

Advertisers now can equip themselves with cyber security product for ad fraud detection, brand safety and brand impersonation. 


Independent of Supply Chain

Com Olho works only with advertisers independently to audit their media spends and measure mal-advertising and find efficacy of media spends 

Admissible in Court

Backed on patented technology that is admissbile in court for deterministic ad fraud savings. 


Questions Often Asked

How do we integrate our system for fraud forensics?

The technology is deployed within the advertiser's server for real time analytics on a annual or semi-annual license copy. The SaaS report is generating behaviour using 5 behaviours ( as in patented) to understand programmatic manipulation of data emanating from user's device, click injection and cluster segmentation of bot/invalid traffic.

Should we be concerned of data sharing?

We don't collect and store any form of personalised data within the company servers or systems . We niether leverage nor promote use of targetable data for financial gain. We only license our algorithms on the client's server and and customise it over time.

Can we add custom analytics to existing technology?

The SaaS platform is scalable and can deploy new analytics and science within hours of integration. Custom builds are billed on man-hours basis.

What impact did our company create over FY19-20?

We analysed the behaviour of over 1 Crore (10M) digital devices, and understood if their device is acting as an emulator for app based malware or adware. Here is what we found out? 1. 1 out of every 6th mobile device in India has a malware or an adware hijacked device. 2. One-Fourth of advertiser's budget is lost to Ad Fraud.