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Ad Fraud Session 101: Decoding Ad Fraud & Measurement

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Measuring Cyber Risks around Digital Ad Fraud & Brand Safety

We conducted a qualitative interview with Dr. Roberto Cavazos to discuss issues around data privacy, advertising fraud and discussed the future of digital advertising. 

Key Discussions :

  • Psychology & Motivators behind Digital Ad Fraud?

  • Offensive vs Defensive Strategy in fighting digital ad fraud?

  • Role of Regulation in fighting menace of Digital
    Ad Fraud?


At Ad Fraud Session 101, we bring together industry leaders to talk on topics like Advertising Fraud, Mobile Ad Fraud, Data Privacy and Future of Advertising. For our first session, we conducted a qualitative interview with Dr. Roberto Cavazos

In this interview, we discussed on issues around advertising fraud, it's impact on advertisers and consumers and discussed upon future of advertising. "The explosion of money, complexity, involvement of humans, & very few chances of getting caught for fraud are the main reasons why ad fraud is still at large in the advertising industry", says Roberto Cavazos during his interview with us.

Meet the Presenters

Abhinav Bangia | Com Olho

Abhinav Bangia, Founder & Director of Technology at Com Olho, focuses on detecting and preventing digital fraud as it is slowly and steadily corrupting our vision of a fast-paced digital society. He wishes to support the government and global enterprises with Com Olho's proprietary technology to fence down this growing menace. 

Dr. Roberto Cavazos | Com Olho

Dr. Roberto Cavazos, is the Director of Risk Management and Cybersecurity Programs at the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business. He teaches Data Analytics, Business Statistics, Data Mining and conducts research and direct programs in risk management and cybersecurity management.

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