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The ending line of various types of mobile ad fraud in India

Entrepreneur comolho abhinav bangia

This AI-Enabled StartUp Is Helping Businesses Tackle Digital Fraud

Financial express com olho abhinav bangia

Com Olho, becomes India’s first company to win the patent for advertising fraud detection.

Latest Com Olho News

21 October 2022

Com Olho, leading AI/ML based startup worked with leading banks, fintechs and other app based companies, and found 80% of their spends are being wasted on bots or artificial traffic. Rest 20% of the spends are either returned in form of stalked consumers or consumers with repeatability

18 July 2022

According to projections, advertising fraud is expected to cost $68 billion in losses. 

08 April 2022

Com Olho using their patented technology, detected Click Injection Evasion which was spoofing more than 4 Crore devices per day & affecting at least 10% of advertising spend siphoning off INR 250 Crore a month. 

08 May 2022

Launched in 2019 by Abhinav Bangia, Gurugram-based cyber security and IP-led analytics startup Com Olho uses deep learning and clustering to analyse enterprises’ data and identify fraudulent patterns with high probability of success.

22 February 2022

Funds will be used to scale up technology, improve hiring and increase market penetration in India and other emerging economies

22 October 2021

Com Olho uses proprietary technology to detect behavioural anomalies in high dimensional datasets.

07 Feburary 2021

Finding attribution manipulation can be problematic and estimating an analogical behavior of the traffic to a constant is merely impossible.

09 January 2021

Com Olho, being a leading cloud-based machine learning platform, uses AI and non-rule-based methods to detect data attribution manipulation.

05 January 2021

Com Olho has received a patent for advertising fraud detection. The company creates technology to help enterprises mitigate the risks arising from various kinds of digital frauds.

05 January 2021

The company aims to create a fraud-free space for digital advertising.

20 August 2020

The company uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to help enterprises understand how digital data footprints can uncover most sophisticated fraud methodologies using behavioural analytics.

18 August 2020

Com Olho is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform built for Advertisers, Banks and Insurance companies to reverse the rising tide of digital fraud and misinformation.

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