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Interns of Com Olho | Pranav Ambekar

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

When I was looking for an internship, I was looking for a challenge. A place where I could learn a lot, gain real-life experience in order to prepare myself for the corporate world. I came across Com Olho on LinkedIn and I knew that it’s exactly the place I was looking for. I joined Com Olho as the Technical Intern, where I could get to work on the hottest technologies like Cloud & DevOps.

My job responsibilities here are diverse. To put it into perspective, there is always an opportunity to dive deep into things and find a unique solution to the problem and I can say that I have groomed myself a lot during this internship, also, I’ve developed a lot of confidence in my skill set.

I’m a Edureka Certified DevOps Engineer. I am passionate about ‘Technology’, because technology has the ability to impact lives at a level and scale that has never been realized in the history of mankind. The idea that something I create can impact someone across the world now, or in the future is what drives my passion for technology. I enjoy nothing more than learning the trends that technology is taking in order to work more efficiently and see progress and success.

The internship gave me the opportunity to put into practice a lot of disciplines I had previously only studied conceptually. It really has broadened my horizons and given me a better understanding of why we study certain things and their relevance in the industry.

I am thankful for having this wonderful opportunity and would like to express my gratitude towards Com Olho team members for helping me learn every day. I cannot wait to explore even more in this company in the future. This internship has been such an amazing journey of learning, sharing, and presenting my knowledge and skills.

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