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Interns of Com Olho | Yuvika Fatnani

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

When I got my summer internship in January’2021, I was hoping that the Covid-19 situation in India would subside, and I would get to go to Gurgaon and experience an in-office summer internship, since the first year of my MBA was unfortunately in online mode. But these are scary times, and now I am glad to be working safely from my home in Indore. The work keeps me busy and helps me cope better in these chaotic times.

Before joining, I was excited but anxious because Com Olho being an Artificial Intelligence-based B2B company, was a completely new domain for me. However, after learning about the business of Ad fraud detection and engaging in regular conversations with the founders, I realised that Ad fraud detection, though very complex, isn’t very hard to understand plus it is more relevant than ever in the digitally driven times we’re living in.

The work environment is friendly and nurturing, there’s freedom to share, ask questions & give suggestions. At Com Olho I'm made to feel more like an employee and less like an intern, because of the responsibilities I have been given and how my contributions are taken equally seriously.

Apart from Marketing which is my role, I am also learning about the journey and growth of a young startup in India, which I believe is invaluable. I am also observing the importance of empathy and sensitivity, being practiced as core values at Com Olho, as India faces the worst crisis of the century.

I am grateful for the learnings, and there is more to come. As a student of the PGDM batch of IMT Ghaziabad 2020-22, I want to say that we might have missed a year of “campus life” but that makes us a unique and resilient batch.



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