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Humans of Com Olho | Palak Garg- All things B2B marketing

I had a few notions about Com Olho when I joined the startup understanding that it is a new enterprise with a small team but ever since I joined, I have no regrets. It has been a steep learning curve. Working here has been a voyage of self-discovery – a unique experience.

A small team, extremely hard working people, flexible timings, multi-tasking and a vibrant work culture are some of the things that define this place. The best part here is they have a flatter, more open organisational structure, where every person is at the forefront of the business with every act of his/her making a difference to the company’s fortunes.

I work as a Marketing Associate here. Before joining Com Olho, I hadn’t had any experience in marketing. I used to work as an Accounts Manager.

The amount of faith put on me is unmatched.

I have a large creative space – with no restrictions. I can literally come up with anything that makes sense and aligns with the business ideas. They offer an environment where every employee’s voice is heard and matters.

I feel a sense of freedom and ownership working here. As if I don’t belong to Com Olho but Com Olho belongs to me. It’s something deeply personal and I will feel a special connection. And that’s what being in a start-up boils down to — more opportunity for ownership, for responsibility, and for growth.

I believe there is a lot of scope within Com Olho to experiment. I am happy to be a part of a team that has a new product and the experience is teaching me to be independent, flexible, resilient and make the most out of the available resources. It is a new entity and the self-learning skills I have developed will always be valuable over the course of my career.

Also the team has been really considerate in tough times like this. Ensuring colleagues' well-being and safety are their priorities. Our founder, Abhinav Bangia always says – ‘Stop watching too much Digital’ and this is something which brings a bit of sanity and comfort.

A determined creator and marketer, I have a passion for crafting meaningful content. I’m always on the lookout for the next good story, idea or digital trend – meanwhile my very own story remains a perpetual work in progress.

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