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Humans of Com Olho | Shweta Singh

My name is Shweta Singh, and I am starting as a Founder Staff at Com Olho.

My career started working in the development sector with various organisations, where I have worked closely on determinants and data driven decisions. But one thing I was always thinking about was how I could make my work more relevant and professionally grow too. With technology reaching new heights, "big data" is undoubtedly becoming a buzzword and will become a growing need for organisations in the coming years.

High quality Data is the foundation for making effective policies and providing the best public service delivery; what’s worse, data is often scarce in the areas where it is most desperately needed. Com Olho proposes and works to implement data priorities for the holistic development of cities.

I was also specifically looking for something related to data with development while transitioning to my new job. Well, when "there's a will, there's a way," I met our founder, Abhinav Bangia, and got to know more about Com Olho, project data for development. Com Olho is providing an independent space to work, explore, and experiment with data for development. I am beyond excited to begin my professional journey as a founding member of Com Olho.

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