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Humans of Com Olho | Anurag Tripathi

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

My work experience at Com Olho has been very insightful and eye-opening. Things started well from day one. This company is pretty organised in terms of being ready for new employment. I had my schedule before the day started, and when I reached office, my computer and swags were waiting for me. Once I settled down and met my new employers, it was time for the formal training to begin.

I chose to work as a Product Manager to get a better idea of researching, designing, implementing and identifying areas for modification in existing programs.

The amount of trust that the company has put in me is honestly unbelievable, they provide the employees with all the resources that would enhance their capabilities and bring the best out of them.

Week after week in this organisation, I also built up my capabilities progressively and that resulted in more confident in the tasks that I was assigned. I am honestly beginning to feel a part of the team. Getting to know my workmates daily made me feel that any problems I would be facing with the task that I’m being assigned would be quickly diminished by simply asking for assistance on anything I wasn't sure of.

As a 23-year-old, it’s hard to determine exactly what career opportunities might interest me, especially with my focus being largely on achieving good A-Levels leaving little time for exploring what the workplace could be like. However, it’s been a high learning curve for me, which leads me on the journey of discovering myself. This work experience has helped me to better understand what working in an office-based environment is like and I now feel more prepared for, not only work but choosing a career path that better suits me.

I know I'm still within the early stages of this job, and things will still change and evolve during my time here. But for the foremost part, things have started off well and I am very proud of my job and therefore the company.

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