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Humans of Com Olho | Nikhil Sharma

Hi, my name is Nikhil. I started working as a Data Scientist at Com Olho in the cybersecurity space two months back. My journey so far in the company has been nothing short of highly enriching. I got to work with the most talented, passionate team which shares a common goal and holds tight to their ethics.

I am from Electrical and electronics background and I had developed interest in the data field in my 4th year of graduation which made me feel like it was too late to start but I made the right choice to switch. I started reading a lot and coding whatever I used to learn theoretically and it gave me enough confidence to sit for interviews. This is when I got the reality check, all the companies wanted people from the IT or CS in their data team and it was almost mental how knowledge and understanding of the field was not a criterion to be selected.

My stars aligned and I finally got an opportunity for an interview with the Com Olho team and I finally found people who measured my skills and potential irrespective of my educational background. My first day at the office was enough for me to get the sense of how everyone was strongly dedicated towards a vision which was to make cyberspace a secure place for everyone.

What inspires me the most is the journey that these people have covered over the last few years and how they turned a piece of code into a revolutionary patented technology which is ground-breaking to a level of completely changing the advertisement fraud detection landscape.

And now after two months of working, I feel like I have completely conformed to the vision and ethical values that are prevalent at Com Olho. Every day at the office, we're solving real world problems, spreading awareness and helping each other learn and grow. We not only grow as an individual but as a team too.

I had never imagined this is how I was going to start my career in the data field. A few years down the lane I think I'd already be a part of an extremely important solution to an ever-growing problem.

To anyone who's reading this and wants to start a career in data science, it's fine if you don't start BIG, just start with the right people with the right vision for no number of resources ever made an idea big but the right ideas have been shaping the world since the beginning.

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