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Humans of Com Olho | Aman Rabha

Throughout my professional journey, I have always worked as a content creator and a writer. I love creating valuable content and have always been passionate about presenting my thoughts in a medium that can resonate with the readers. Although I have produced a number of insightful articles for several entities, I often lacked actual engagement with my audience. My previous position confined me to a role where my contribution was limited to content creation with minimal participation in strategic discussion. One can build a successful campaign if and only they can learn how their target audiences feel about their efforts and what they expect from them in the future. In my quest to make a meaningful impact, I set out to look for new responsibilities and challenges. I wish to work in a capability wherein my creativity can be further supported by the flexibility to be at the forefront of crucial projects.

I was elated when the team at Com Olho recognised my talent and saw my potential to be an assistant to the marketing team. I joined Com Olho as a Senior Associate of Marketing, with my role focused on ensuring the brand's presence in the industry. At the same time, I was looking forward to working with a young and promising team. Working in a small team meant I was set for a demanding yet rewarding experience. And I can safely state that it was a true start-up experience that I could have imagined.

I started with my regular duties, gaining efficiency on the marketing assignments while utilising all the resources provided by the company. I had only been in this position for a few days when I was handed bigger responsibility. I was soon attending client meetings, making proposals for future prospects, and was also given the opportunity to interact with our investors and founding members. They trusted me and included me in important organisational decisions. You know, like which beverage should be on our menu! Very important. All of this made me feel like I belonged to this organisation and that I was an integral part of the team. At Com Olho, I can certainly see my growth accelerating and I am confident that this company is ideally suited for me at this point in my career.

Working in a tech firm is all new to me. But in spite of all the challenges ahead, I know that the team at Com Olho will always support me. In addition, the company gives me the platform to bring out the best in me. So far, this journey has been an amazing learning opportunity and I cannot wait to explore more in the future.

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