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Com Olho ready with digital governance patent, single bullet solution for affiliate fraud & piracy

Updated: May 27, 2022

Com Olho which in 2020 became the first company in India to be granted a patent for non-rule based mobile ad fraud detection and prevention has created a single bullet solution for fighting the menace of affiliate fraud and content piracy.

While working with top advertisers in India, the team realised the need for tech based digital governance to fight affiliate fraud. In India today, a lot of vendors are deploying rule based methodologies to fight the menace of affiliate fraud i.e VPN detection, disposable email and phone numbers detection, fake data fills and device farms detection. This methodology of detecting affiliate fraud is old school and leads to more affiliate fraud than it was at the first place.

Addressing these problems, Com Olho has come up with proprietary system that leverages military grade encryption and serves it using real time API which has been a core research focus of the company over last few quarters. The company has beta-tested the product already and looking to bring this to market by end of this year.

Affiliate fraud is not only impacting advertisers, but is also impacting consumers by stealing away sensitive data information. Over the last fews weeks of testing the technology, Com Olho has been able to detect tag-based affiliate fraud impacting leading e-commerce companies, financial institutions etc and government ministries. We have also seen a large amount of pirated content in circulation stolen from all the famous OTT players in India. Radhe, a movie recently released digitally under SKF banner has been compromised because of this menace, which has led to huge losses to the content makers.

Using trademarked brand names, the fraudsters are aiming to spread mis-information, fake news and also earn advertising dollars through affiliates and google display network.

Founder & CTO at Com Olho, Abhinav Bangia says, even with anti-ad fraud vendors in India, the problem remains unchecked for a simple reason, ineffective non-tech solutions. Instead of delivering tech-enabled solutions, vendors are focusing on creating blacklists and involving huge human bias for detection of ad fraud and content piracy. We are in final stages of filling the patent, and hopefully would address this unchecked problem plaguing our advertisers and content markers budgets and reputation.


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