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A year at a glance | Devyanshi Rungta

"Someone once told me growth and comfort do not co-exist. And I think it's a really good thing to remember." - Ginni Rometty

A year ago, I started my corporate career as a Data Lead with a start-up. And looking back now, it has been the best decision I could have made as I’m learning and growing every day in my career with Com Olho. The journey as a woman in a tech start-up is seen to be a tough and rocky one, but taking it positively as a challenge, I aspire to overcome all the social misconceptions and hurdles in my way.

Com Olho gave me the chance to work together with a very young and highly motivated group of individuals to define and shape the team and the goals of the company. While focusing on learning all about data and tech, and continuously refining my data & tech skills, I often found myself taking on other responsibilities as well - the best way of gaining experience in new areas.

It's difficult to summarise my journey so far in a few key moments, but here we go.

The team

Working with like-minded, driven, and inspiring people on a daily basis is gold. Everyone who joins the company is welcomed into this expanding family. It's all fun and jokes one minute, and then we're all brainstorming and working as a team on a product release the next.

Responsibilities & recognition

Having a flair for coding and aggressively toying with data, developing it in the most desirable way, and obtaining positive feedback from both management and co-workers gave me the feeling that I could make a difference. This is the place I'd like to be. 'Are you sure you're not a BTech graduate?' It's the nicest feeling in the world to get recognised for what you actually believe in, and what you enjoy doing.

The shining moment

Acknowledging and discovering my interest in data and technology was not an easy decision in my career, but being associated with a group of people that encourage you at every step helped me feel exactly at home in the moments when I needed it the most. Being a member of Com Olho and witnessing the shift of raising the first fund round - Seed Round - as well as all of the good improvements and recognitions that followed was a wow-moment. It feels amazing to watch our company and team evolve into something so powerful.

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