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Indian Ad Fraud Bot Awareness: Ghansoli, Mumbai and Paltan Bazaar, Assam

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Mobile Ad Fraud

Advertising industry is totally plagued with cyber criminals today, the bot traffic endorsers have not just gone create millions in the past decade but have been constantly in search to game the system now and then to keep the revenues up to the mark.

While the marketers have been keeping up with their acquisitions numbers in business presentations, the engagement from these numbers have been significantly low majorly in form of purchases or exit events. We would definitely recommend investors to go back to basics and look into the end revenue sheet rather than relying on Acquisition's/MAU's/DAU's numbers as it has become a trend among app based businesses to fake them while collaborating with 3rd party marketing agencies in India and Aboard for keeping the investment rolling.

Today we are highlighting two of such bots locations, going quite hot right now. Look into your attribution data, if you are getting odd number of installs/events from Ghansoli or Paltan Bazaar, you campaign is likely being run by the bot. These bots tend to be very intelligent, they give you a non suspectable TTI (Time to Install), and following up, will give you vast types of events following in the right event order, which makes them out of detection zone of major ad fraud detection players today.

We have been able to dimensionally reduce the attribution data ( I guess we are the first one to do it) and have been seeing astonishing results for some time. Though we know we would have to still keep on making more algorithms to make our system is robust and non-mimic-able for cyber criminals out there.

Look below the amazing piece of work we have done to dimensionally reduce to see how bot traffic significantly looks different to healthy vectors placed next to them, the best part of this detection is, there ain't any attributes anomaly which fraudsters can understand and reverse engineer it.

Also, say hello to our fraud coefficients : Alpha & Beta.

Fig 1 : Radar Representation of Bots

Understanding the Ghansoli, Mumbai based Bot Infrastructure

This type of bots are dummy application based traffic that drop APK packets onto mobile devices and open and close it immediately and then do an aggressive click spam to take the attribution price of last click model. These devices can be either be real or can be part of a device farm.

The right question to ask is? How do this dummy mobile apps gain this inventory of users? Do they also leverage the same ad network to do app based acquisitions?

Understanding the Paltan Bazaar, Assam based Bot Infrastructure

This type of bots are different, they don't drop APK packets on the mobile devices but they constantly monitor a device for any new installs, generally organic hijack or real publisher inventory hijack. Once the install happens and just before it is opened, it aggressively does a click injection to claim the price of last click model. Again these devices are a mix of real or can be part of device farm.

The right question to ask is? Who developed such trackers within application SDK that tracks your device for any app install?

We are committed to make use of our technology to uncover more such unethical practices in Ad-Tech and help our community of marketers. Make sure you go back and run your attribution for search of Ghansoli and Paltan Bazaar bots for last 90 days and give us an heads up if you find them too.

For learning about our technology, read here :

Perhaps that suspicion of fraud enhances the flavour.


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