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Digital Governance for Prevention of Affiliate Fraud, Homograph Attacks, Fake News & Pirated Content

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

28th June 2021 : Com Olho filed digital governance technology patent for rolling back affiliate fraud, homograph attacks, fake news and pirated content. Internet based fraudsters use all kinds of tools to gain into customer data, monetise over affiliate marketing and spread fake news and pirated content over the internet.

Understanding Fraudsters Mindset :

  1. Register a fake domain to side-run fake news, pirated content and misinformation. To drive revenue from this, enable google, facebook and programmatic ads.

  2. Register a fake domain and enable email servers. Use smtp to programmatically send brand impersonated emails to large email databases, getting fake impressions and click to boost advertising matrices.

  3. Create fake apps and incentivise users to download it, once downloaded scrap all the contact data and start surveillance marketing over the devices for delivering CPCU conversions.

How does Com Olho Digital Governance Technology work?

Step 1 : The technology helps digital assets owner create encrypted codes through regulatory body. This happens real time, when the user enters

  • Aadhar Number ( For individual developers and content creators)

  • CIN Number ( For enterprises that own digital asset)

  • FIN Number ( For foreign enterprises)

Step 2 : The encrypted codes are then uploaded on the DNS TXT records by the owner of the digital asset.

Step 3 : The Telecom Regulatory on a user request to access the digital asset, verifies the encrypted keys in the DNS records to real time validate against true ownership and blocking all the fraudulent digital assets.

Benefits :

  1. No need to maintain blacklist by telecom or ISP's. The owner ship of the digital asset is bind to either individual, incorporated legal entity or verified by FIN.

  2. In case of digital wrongdoing, the technology would help backtrack fraudsters organised crime.

  3. Prevent advertisers from monetising fake websites, apps and ad networks.

  4. Prevent consumers from data theft, account takeover and financial theft.

We at Com Olho are developers of data-led exponential technology and have been recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India as in the category of ML based cyber security. We pride ourselves with our success over the last 2+ years,

and continuously strive to reach greater heights.

We are incubated at NASSCOM 10000 Startups at the Gurugram Warehouse and also a recipient of a cash grant from Facebook. The company hold’s 3 proprietary patents for system and method for customer behaviour, anomaly detection and digital data governance.



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