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Why digital governance is important

Digital governance is the ability of the government to allow access to various internet services without interference. The ability of the government to enable consumer driven services through consumer owned services. In Digital form, newer and better services will be made available now and then, and the regulator doesn’t have time to vet each and every service that is being rendered to the consumer. In order to protect basic consumer rights, a digital governance system is a must for developing governments.

Digital governance refers to the management of digital technologies, processes, and data by organisations and governments in a responsible, ethical, and transparent manner. It involves the creation of policies and guidelines to ensure the safe, secure, and effective use of digital technologies and information, as well as the development of systems to enforce these policies and monitor compliance. The goal of digital governance is to promote digital literacy, protect individuals' rights and privacy, and support the development of a trustworthy and inclusive digital society.

Digital Governance helps in many ways.

1. Ensuring data security and privacy: Digital governance policies and procedures ensure that sensitive information is properly protected and managed, reducing the risk of data breaches and identity theft.

2. Promoting ethical behaviour: Digital governance helps organisations and governments act responsibly and ethically with regards to the use of digital technologies and data.

3. Supporting accountability and transparency: Digital governance helps to promote accountability and transparency in the use of digital technologies, data, and processes, which helps to build trust in organisations and governments.

4. Encouraging digital literacy and innovation: By promoting best practices in the use of digital technologies and data, digital governance can help individuals and organisations become more digitally literate, which can support innovation and creativity.

5. Protecting individual rights: Digital governance helps to ensure that digital technologies and data are used in a way that respects individuals' rights, such as privacy, freedom of expression, and equality.

Com Olho is IP based analytics startup based out of Gurugram. The company helps organisations and government avert risk from various kind of digital frauds and recently bagged digital governance patent to protect and enhance security of online digital assets.



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