We're Turning 1!

After our first year as Com Olho, we reflect on where we came from and where we're headed!

The last 365 days have been filled with passion, excitement, hard work and a lot of fun. As we turn 1, we are looking back and celebrating our milestones and memories that happened along the way.

On our very first day of the company, our first task was to just setup the chair and table. We din't have a website, a product or any kind of sales collateral. But we managed it all.

"Com Olho" is a Portuguese word meaning "With Eyes". We found the name unique, high on brand-ability and most importantly it wasn't taken.

We started up with a very simple vision, take a problem statement and solve it using advance technology, and today we have 3000 lines of committed code, 6 product update version releases and double digit sales collaterals.

Hopefully thats enough reasons to take advantage of our birthday promotion.


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