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Codebreakers Chronicles: Ethical Hacking Journey with Harinder Singh

My journey into the world of ethical hacking began in 2021. I remember scrolling through LinkedIn one day when I stumbled upon a post about someone receiving a bounty for identifying a security vulnerability. The idea that individuals could be rewarded for uncovering flaws in systems intrigued me deeply. It was this post that planted the seed of curiosity in my mind.

Professional Success: Landing a Job at FIS

My expertise and achievements in ethical hacking also opened doors for professional opportunities. Thanks to my immense knowledge and hands-on experience, I secured a position at FIS during my first interview attempt, even before completing my degree. This accomplishment underscores the value of practical skills and dedication in the field of cybersecurity. Being part of FIS has further enriched my experience, providing a platform to apply my skills in a professional environment and contribute to the company's cybersecurity initiatives.

Diving into Bug Bounty Hunting

With newfound curiosity, I decided to dive into the world of bug bounty hunting. I started by learning the basics of cybersecurity and ethical hacking through online courses, tutorials, and forums. The initial phase was challenging as I had to build a solid foundation in understanding how systems work and how vulnerabilities can be exploited. However, my curiosity and determination kept me motivated.

Harinder Singh Milestones

First Steps and Early Successes

After months of studying and practicing, I began participating in bug bounty programs. The first few attempts were frustrating, with many hours spent without any significant findings. But persistence paid off. I still remember the thrill of discovering my first vulnerability and receiving my first bounty. It was a small reward, but it fuelled my passion and encouraged me to keep going.

Ethical Hacking for a Cause: Government Systems

As I gained more experience and confidence, I started targeting more significant and complex systems. Over the past few years, I have successfully hacked over 300 companies, including notable government entities such as the Government of the United Kingdom, the Government of Singapore, the Dutch Government, and the US Department of Defense. These experiences have been particularly rewarding as they contribute to the security and integrity of public systems that serve millions of people.

Recognition and Rewards

The journey has not only been about challenges and learning but also about recognition and rewards. I have received numerous cash rewards and swags for my efforts. Some of the most memorable rewards include special coins from both the Government of the United Kingdom and the Government of Singapore. These coins are a testament to the impact of my work and the trust these institutions place in ethical hackers.


Achievements and Accolades

One of my proudest achievements is being ranked among the top 100 hackers in India for three consecutive years. This recognition reflects my commitment to ethical hacking and my continuous efforts to improve my skills and contribute to the cybersecurity community. It is an honor to be part of such a dedicated group of individuals who strive to make the internet a safer place.

Motivations: Why I Hack

My motivations for ethical hacking are driven by a combination of curiosity, challenge, and the desire to make a positive impact. Each vulnerability I discover and report helps strengthen the security of systems, protecting sensitive information and preventing potential cyber-attacks. The continuous learning and problem-solving aspects of ethical hacking keep me engaged and passionate about my work.

Moreover, the ethical hacking community is incredibly supportive and collaborative. Sharing knowledge, learning from others, and contributing to the community's growth are aspects that I highly value. The sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among ethical hackers is truly inspiring.

Looking Ahead

As I look ahead, I am excited about the future of ethical hacking. The field is constantly evolving, with new technologies and threats emerging regularly. This dynamic nature ensures that there will always be new challenges to tackle and new skills to learn. I am committed to staying at the forefront of these developments, continuing to hone my skills, and contributing to the cybersecurity landscape.

In conclusion, my journey in ethical hacking has been a rewarding adventure filled with learning, challenges, and achievements. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had and look forward to continuing this journey, driven by the same curiosity and passion that sparked my interest in 2021. Thank you for giving me the platform to share my story.



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