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Building India's first Gene Tech Quantum Computer

In order for the world to proceed to better technology, a human gene based quantum computer is the need of the hour. How can you system progressively build dreams into reality. This would require an amalgamation of nature science and variable led quantum computation.

Energy equation is relatively easy in a human form than in object form. A human form becomes at 0 zero energy when the time v/s truth is infinite. Your brain develops thought process in order for your brain to revive each instance of life.

Gene Tech is also important to eradicate bad humans from face of the earth. The non-free minds develop only capability systems which lack performance. Hence the better gene would be able to harness better quantum computations on sheer better brain capability.

Digital crimes culprit i.e pirated content, deep-faked pornography, Digital Prostitution, and Media and advertising manipulation. The gene based system would itself corrupt out once bad dreams or mutations are developed in the brain.

More coming onto this



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