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Above & Beyond

Com Olho is a team of exceptionally talented humans. We are creating technology to solve the unsolved, to go beyond conventions and create new spearhead in Technology. 

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We started Com Olho with 3 core values that have come to shape our entire culture. These values guide us in everything we do, and is reflected in our employees.

Integrity :

We hire for undying honesty and humans having high moral principals. We break through the opaque layers of digital fraud which is plaguing our society with organised intention.

Equanimity :

We hire humans that hold their ground in difficult situations. We strive for calmness and composure when things don't go the way they should have.

Grit :

We hire for the strength of character. We hire humans that build a positive motivation to achieve an objective.

Our Missions

We worked with Dr Augustine Fou to detect fraudulent mobile applications using their advertising traffic supply. Detected over 9/10 apps on play store are laced with malwares, adwares and privacy trackers

Dr Augustine Fou _ Com Olho
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We worked 17+ technical interns to determine ad study impact of COVID-19 v/s area density, population, temperature. We could successfully dertermine peaks, values and time of COVID-19 spread in India.


We worked with 1 technical intern to study impact of vehicular density to average pollution in study. The study revealed that 75% of city pollution is contributed by vehicular density. 

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We worked with a team of 11 humans and few interns to reverse the rising tide of digital fraud in Indian Economy. We detected over 100+ companies using corrupt softwares to make money in India, we detected organised intent of startup funding skewed to agency business. We detect high end digital manipulation of Indian People by Facebook Inc, Meta and Google Inc.

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Dr. Roberto Cavazos _ Com Olho
Stephane Hamel _ Com Olho
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Com Olho is a team of innovators, entrepreneurs, marketers, tech leads and creative minds uniting to create technology to help enterprises understand high dimensional data using machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Our Team

Go Above & Beyond with Com Olho

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