Risk Measurement And
Quality Assurance

Com Olho provides the measurement, analytics, quality assurance, and fraud protection technologies brands need for their business and customers.


About Us

Com Olho is a B2B cybersecurity data company that analyses enterprise’s data using its proprietary technology to discover fraudulent patterns with high probability of success. We make it easy for CXO's and administrators to understand behavioural anomalies in their large scale data silos and help them qualitatively audit and measure real time risk in digital world.

Com Olho believes cyber security for data teams around the globe is going to become a top-priority for digital enterprises. Get acquainted with us and understand how we work and proceed towards success.


How we started

Com Olho was started in 2019 with a mission to remove ad fraud from our digital ecosystem. After studying how businesses and brands were communicating, and analyzing the speed at which they were growing digitally, one thing struck us for certain - Ad fraud could increase that speed multifold. 

Today, in a span of 3 years, we built a technology to help enterprises understand high dimensional data using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here are the highlights and achievements of our journey so far.

Mapping Our Journey

We Started out from a Gurugram based garage

Angel Round from Marketing Expert & Angel Investor Lloyd Mathias

First Indian company to win patent grant for advertising fraud detection.


Com Olho has been incubated at NASSCOM 10000 Startups at the Gurgaon Warehouse


Raised Rs 1.8 Cr in Seed round led by Inflection Point Ventures

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Recipient of Cash Grant from Facebook under SBG Program





Com Olho Offerings

Digital Ad Fraud Detection

Save minimum of 20% month-on-month by detecting fake digital traffic.

Brand Safety For Digital Campaigns

Prevent digital ads from being shown at brand unsafe inventories.

First Party Data Technology

Bring holistic change to internal data systems to real time generate predictive and prescriptive data models.

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Anti-Digital Banking Fraud

Detect real time fake loan and banking mobile applications.

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Technology Enabled 
Digital Governance

Detect fraudulent digital assets using military grade encryption technology.

Com Olho is here to provide you with more information, answers, and questions you may have and create an effective solution for your Digital Ad spend.