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About us

Sustainable Advancement &
Quality Assurance

Com Olho provides the measurement, analytics, quality assurance, and fraud protection consulting to businesses.


About Us

Com Olho is a renowned Indian scientific dream in search of truth. We drive missions to corrupt system and policies that drive our nation backward. Our missions are short, tech driven and always on time. 

1. We solved the issue of advertising fraud using deep-technology and quantum physics and found the model was rigged to to interest of money maker. We have potentially saved recurring loss of 30K Crore INR for brands who trust our technology. 

2. Mission in Pursuit : Digital Governance

3. Mission in Pursuit : Space Physics

Our Jouney

Mapping Our Journey

Raised Angel Round

We Started out from a Gurugram based garage

First Indian company to win patent grant for advertising fraud detection.


Files patent for fuel less space technology

Com Olho has been incubated at NASSCOM 10000 Startups at the Gurgaon Warehouse

NASSCOM DeepTech.png

Becomes Part of NASSCOM
Deep Tech Club

Inflection Point Ventures Logo_edited.jpg

Raised Rs 1.8 Cr in Seed round 

Recipient of Cash Grant from Facebook under SBG Program





Our Offerings

Com Olho Offerings

Digital Fraud Protection

Data Strategy led fraud erosion

Brand Safety

Prevent Visual Convincing 

Quantum Marketing

Consulting projects for data teams

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Identity Management

Data Identity consulting

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Digital Governance

Consulting on robust ethical internet service

Space Technology

Building systems and weapons of the future

Innovation Led Growth

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