What is APK Fraud and how do you measure it?

What is APK Fraud?

APK's are generally available for all the listed google play store apps, these APK's can be used to deliberately increase the non-play store installs. It generally happens in 2 ways, either the consumer device has an pre-installed or installed malware app, which constantly does APK drops on the device ( sometime's even without an icon on the mains screen), Or APK's are used for device farm installs or VPN based emulated installs.

How to measure APK Fraud?

Traditionally, there isn't any method that can help us segregate real human installs to intentional fraudulent installs. With the use of our patented ad fraud detection algorithm, we deploy clustering algorithm to segregate these forms of traffic. Below is an example, on how we are able to segregate such hideous ad fraud.

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