What is Ad Fraud & Estimated Losses due to Ad Fraud?

What is Ad Fraud?

Ad Fraud is the money advertisers loss to non-human or hijacked traffic. Ad Fraud plagues each and every small or big advertisers around the globe. The estimated global losses are nearing $40bn with 3000cr being lost in India. Ad Fraud is considered as 2nd largest organised crime of the world after drug trafficking. Fraudsters tend to be where the advertising dollars are.

As an advertiser, what percentage of ad spends are lost to ad fraud?

The amount of advertising dollars that the advertiser is losing depends upon 2 aspects, the preventive steps being taken to tackle ad fraud, and how aware the advertiser is about the issue. The losses start around a minimum of roughly minimum of 20% for advertisers that stricly run Cost-Per-Sale campaign and can go upto 100% for advertisers running cheap Cost-Per-Impression or Cost-Per-Click.

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