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Mobile Ad Fraud

What is Mobile Ad fraud?

Mobile Ad Fraud is a subset of ad fraud plaguing mobile based performance campaigns. Mobile Ad fraud impacts all forms of KPI's including CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions), CPI (Cost Per Install), CPE (Cost per Events) and CPS (Cost per Sale). The objective of the fraudsters is to burn marketing and advertising budgets.


Common ways of mobile ad fraud include click injection, click spamming, organic hijacking, device farms, etc.

Why does Mobile Ad Fraud happen?

Mobile ad fraud offers a significant opportunity to make quick cash through illicit ways. Two major factors contributing to this is :


  1. Mobile content slows in production, while audience and advertising demands grow, creating a void that fraudsters can fill.

  2. There is now no industry action to combat fraud, a fraudster is less likely to be caught and can act with indemnity.


Mobile ad fraud necessitates widespread industry cooperation. Progress is being made; all that is required now is further technological advancement, cooperation, and acceptance of the reality of mobile ad fraud.

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