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Digital Governance

For the governments who demand digital safety for their citizens.

360_digital governnce

Homograph Attack 

Digital Money Laundering

Phishing Attack 

Fake News

Cyber Footprint

Account Takeover Fraud


Data Theft

Patented Digital Governance Technology


Com Olho's Digital Governance Features

Military Grade Encryption

Com Olho uses military grade encryption and authentication systems to digitally govern digital assets for both private and public interests.

Real Time Detection

Experience SaaS based cyber security product for advertisers. Each conversion is studied on aggregated basis to understand if traffic attributes for manipulated for financial gains.

Constant Surveillance of Open Darknet

Using our technology constantly monitor for Dark Net to de-anonymize illicit actors and/or transaction analysis of cryptocurrencies involved.

360 Protection

The systems & methods prevents 360 protection to digital consumers from fake news, data theft, digital money laundering, phishing attack, account takeover fraud, cyber footprint, homograph attack & piracy.

Non-Rule Based System

Experience India's first patented non-rule based ad fraud detection technology. Backed on patented technology that is admissbile in court for deterministic ad fraud savings. 

E-Governance Capabilities

Get access to our proprietary technology enabled legal environment in support of safe and secure cyberspace, adequate trust and confidence in electronic transactions and enhancement of law enforcement capabilities in cyber space.

Experience patented technology for the governments who demand digital safety for their citizens.

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