Are device farms still plaguing mobile campaigns?

What are device farms in mobile marketing?

Device farms as the name suggest are farms full of devices where ad fraud mimic behaviour of clicks, installs and engagement to deliver desired needs of digital campaigns. Device farms or cheap inventory are still prevalent and can drive unimaginable volumes of clicks, installs and engagement. The buyout can go as low as 1 USD per 100 clicks, installs or engagement. In 2015-2017, this tactic was often used to skew MAU's/DAU's to source bigger funding rounds in startups. An example of device farm shown below,

How to measure presence of device farms in your soft KPI campaigns?

Detecting device farms is tough, as the ad-network or publisher driving traffic using device farm is often smart and make sure the clicks or installs are attributed to different sub-publishers all the time, making it difficult for ad fraud vendors to detect. Entropy analysis or analysis using clustering alogrithms is the best way to visualise device farms. Below see an example of our patented clustering classification.

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