Why Brand Safety is important for online advertising?

What is Brand Safety?

Brand Safety is proactive steps taken by advertisers to make sure their ads are not placed next to inappropriate content i.e hate speech, misinformation and plagarised content. Programmatic based real time bidding advertising allows the ads to be shown to n-number of publishers, out of which advertisers don't have control on. Brand Safety is setting those definations on where ads can't be placed in digital environment.

Why Brand Safety is Important?

Brand safety is one of biggest issues of advertisers that keep them awake at night. If kept uncontrolled, brand can indirectly help bad players monetise which can lead to : 1. Poor Ad Placement 2. Fuel Fake News and Misinformation 3. Provide support to conspiracy theories 4. Promote Extremism 5. Promote Inappropriate content i.e Pronography, Ilegal activies, Drugs, Military Conficts etc

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