Behaviour Segmentation in Online Advertising?

What is behaviour segmentation in digital advertising?

The ability of technology to segment users based on their behaviour footprints is termed as behavioural segmentation. Behavioural segmentation has become very important over last few years because of it's ability to segregate human and non-human traffic. Non-Human traffic or bot traffic is considered an advertising evil that slowly eats us advertising budgets. Behavioural segmentation is also used to figure our egagement levels of customers as well that help advertisers deploy right amount of retargeting budgets. Below plot show segregation of devices and their engagement levels.

How Com Olho uses behaviour segmentation to detect bot traffic?

Com Olho uses first of the kind patented technology to detect mixing of traffic. In performance marketing, mixing of organically hijacked and bot traffic is often used by ad fraudsters to delibrately mix up traffic to skew data, and make fradulent traffic look legit.

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