What is Ad Stacking and how does it happen?

What is Ad Stacking?

In digital advertising, each time an ad is shown to the user, it counts for an impression. These impressions are generated by both organic and paid marketing. As the ad slots are limited on a webpage or a mobile application, fraudsters often stack ads one on top of another. Sometimes, they even stack multiple ads together. The user only sees the top ad, and generally all the ads below the top ad counts for impressions but are not seen by user in reality. Ad stacking is rampant and still happens across many platforms.

How to prevent ad stacking?

While running CPM campaigns, ad stacking is one of the most hideous forms of ad fraud prevalent among advertisers. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to measure the clusters of impressions over your impression data. Generally impressions imanting out of ad-stacking segregates to show anamolous behaviour.

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