Cyber Security
for your media spends

For the brands who demand safety for their consumers


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AI Driven

Abnormal Behaviour Detection


Cyber Technology


Integrate across Platforms

The platform is seamlessly integrated with advertiser's first party data. This enables advertiser a better control over their consumer privacy and helps enable them creating a in-house next generation CDP. 


Patented Feature Engineering for Machine Learning

The platform is based on patented feature engineering techniques for ad fraud detection, and transforms the data into second set of features for analysis and determinstic detection 

Real time Cyber Security as a Service

The platform runs real time, and provides predictive insights around security of ad-assets, provides deterministic fraud detection and recommendation ad-inventory changes. 


Real time Media Audit

Audit your current advertising spends to create real time court-admissible reports. Also, leveraging in-house consultancy for forward deductions

S O L U T I O N :

Measure Your

Campaign Human-ness

Reliably measure how your campaigns are being impacted by advertising fraud over time.

- Click Time Manipulation

- Click Injection over 20 seconds Click to Install Time

- Overlapped Audience Detection

- Traffic Mixing

- Traffic Hijacking from Social Networks

- Deterministic Cost Savings

S O L U T I O N :

Track Your Brands

Digital Presence

Reliably track phishing links, affiliates, web-pages tarnishing brands reputation. 

- Social Network Watchdog

- Customer Problem Segmentation  

- Affiliate Spill

- Brand Impersonation 

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