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Uncover. Secure. Reward.

Go-To Provider for Crowdsourced Security Solutions

Com Olho provides an effective and powerful way to secure your digital assets.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration


I am a company

Initiate your inaugural bug bounty program on Com Olho now and enlist the support of our seasoned community of researchers.

I am a researcher

Designed by bug bounty hunters, for bug bounty hunters, the Com Olho platform welcomes you to become a valued member of our community today.

What makes us different?

Global Talent Pool

Our platform connects you with a vast global community of skilled ethical hackers and security researchers. Tap into a diverse range of expertise and perspectives to ensure comprehensive security testing for your applications.

Robust Reporting and Collaboration Tools

Streamline communication with our intuitive reporting and collaboration tools. Receive detailed vulnerability reports, engage with researchers, and track the progress of bug fixes all in one central platform.

Scope Management

Customize your bug bounty program's scope to fit your specific needs. Define the target assets, areas of focus, and testing parameters to receive precisely the results you're looking for.

Escrow Payment System

Our secure escrow payment system ensures fair compensation for researchers. Funds are held in escrow until both parties are satisfied, promoting trust and incentivizing top-tier security experts to participate.

Continuous Testing

Enjoy the benefits of ongoing security testing with our continuous bug bounty model. Keep your applications secure and up-to-date by receiving reports and patches from our community of researchers year-round.

Compliance and Legal Support

Stay compliant with legal and regulatory requirements with our platform's built-in support and documentation. We provide guidance to help you navigate legal aspects and ensure a seamless bug bounty experience.

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